DevOps Developer




Location: Onsite – USA

Type: Full Time

Job Description:

  • Provide guidance, help design, configure, implement, maintain and monitor a CI/CD environment.
  • The Engineer will be supporting development teams in a dynamic environment and will have ample opportunity to learn new capabilities

Job Responsibilities:

  • Defining enterprise Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment processes and best practices
  • Codifying software development best practices across the enterprise
  • Manages, defines, designs, and develops DevOps processes, procedures and supporting automation.
  • Developing automated testing framework within DevOps processes
  • Managing, building, configuring, administering, operating and maintaining all components that comprise the DevOps environment
  • Work alongside developers and administrators as systems are created to increase cross cooperation
  • Implement creation of consistent Dev, QA, Stage, and Production environments; all properly built before deployment begins
  • Ensures adherence to quality standards and reviews project deliverables
  • Provides support for software development, engineering environment, and configuration management
  • Implement Feedback Loops; Lead Scrums, Facilitate communication
  • Supervises teams as they plan, track and execute project plans from start to completion
  • Recommends changes to improve the process and to alleviate process inaccuracy and duplication
  • Produce reports and metrics quantifying DevOps improvements
  • Overseeing build environments and automated deployment tasks
  • Resolving systems administration issues
  • Complying with infrastructure, security, data center hosting and other policies
  • Develop, test and maintain a system recovery plan

Skills Required:

  • Excellent communication is a MUST
  • Needs someone who can work across diff environments and define a deployment process and implement them
  • Web development, linux based environments NO SQL databases, webservices