We will provide best cloud computing solutions for your business applications or software that will enhance your business.

Save costs and be flexible with cloud computing

Cloud computing is the next stage in the Internet’s evolution through which computing power to infrastructure, applications, business processes to personal collaborations can be delivered to you as a service at any time and place.

The cloud can be defined as set of hardware, networks, storage, processing power, services and interface that combine to deliver aspects of computing as a service.

We realize this or not but most of the internet users use cloud computing on almost an everyday basis through applications. Cloud helps to scale hardware on a need basis, eradicating the need for dedicated hardware that requires higher financial investment. The cloud can be used for deployment of web, eCommerce and Mobile apps.

Cloud computing has five major characteristics:

  • Individual use on request
  • Elasticity and flexibility of the system
  • Scalability (up and down)
  • Measurable service – payment pay-per-use.
  • Wide range of network access capacities

Why move to the Cloud?

There are plenty of good reasons which compel your business to move to the cloud but in simple words it increase your efficiency and hence bottom line. Cloud computing lets you focus on your business. The cloud can be used for almost all types of software applications for your business.

Following are advantages to move to the cloud:

  • Low initial cost to start.
  • It provider scalability to increase performance as your business grows.
  • No power cost and power backup costs.
  • Be Green Company.
  • Data Security

How UCRYA can help you?

We can help you enhance your business enterprise through cloud computing. UCRYA is one of the leading providers of Cloud Computing solutions. We provide affordable solutions for small and medium enterprises across the globe. We can help you architect, deploy and manage cloud infrastructure for your business applications or software.

We have experience working with major cloud infrastructure providers like Oracle, Google, Adobe, Netsuite, Apple, AWS and Rackspace.

  • Architect

Architect the cloud infrastructure that’s right for your application.

  • Build

Build a cloud infrastructure that’ll scale with your applications.

  • Manage

Manage your cloud infrastructure on a day-to-day basis



Dealing with hundreds of use-cases till date, we can give you valuable consultation for an efficient and cost-effective Cloud Architecture.

Cloud Computing platforms comprise of many individual services that work in a very complex yet synchronized manner. These services collectively handle separate tasks that run your website or app.

An e-commerce website hosted on AWS may utilize EC2 instances, Elastic load balancers (ELBs), Cloud Front, Auto Scaling, S3 and many other services of AWS for an optimal performance. A selection of these services in a proper mix to yield desirable computing power for your business is called the Cloud Computing Architecture.

When we say desirable computing power it simply means, putting enough services that provide glitch-free performance to your website or app while spending as less as possible. However, to figure out a proper mix of these services for your project, you need a professional cloud architecture company. This is where UCRYA comes in.

As we know that cloud computing platforms are comprised of many individual services, we will list a few common services of these for your understanding. Please note that these are very common and often appear in any architecture.

  • EC2: 

Elastic Cloud Compute house the instances that provide flexible computing abilities in the cloud.

  • Instance:

An EC2 instance is a virtual server in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for running applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

  • Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs):

Elastic load balancers Elastic load balancer (ELB) is a load balancing solution that automatically scales its request-handling capacity in response to incoming application traffic.

  • S3:

S3 is nothing but Simple Storage Solution provided in AWS. S3 is used to store static content of your app or website and distribute it when needed.

  • CloudFront:

Cloudfront or CDN is a content distribution service that may work on top of S3 in many cases. A CDN caches and proxy’s data into the edge locations. In other words, CDN facilitates data access with greater speeds.

  • ElastiCache:

Elasticache enables in-memory caching. This helps to build features that require real-time data such as Leaderboards and Stock Market tickers.

  • Autoscaling:

Autoscaling starts and terminates instances automatically with respect to the volume of incoming traffic it is receiving at any given time.


There are other services for databases such as DynamoDB, Amazon redshift, and Amazon RDS. Overall, these constitute as some of the major services we come across in AWS. As far as google and Azure are concerned, they have similar services as well.


What are the factors that Architecture Consultants consider before sketching out the configuration for your project?

Number of Users and Requests:As for startups, our consultants commonly rely on a relational DB coupled with M1 or M2 instances. However, a larger number of users generating a lot of requests may work well with NoSQL and compute-optimized instances such as a C1 or CC2. If the app generates a lot of requests throughout the globe, then our specialists may also put CloudFlare and a load balancer to this mix.

  • Type of App and Traffic:

Type of app may directly affect the selection of instance type. Running an analytic app may require a compute-optimized instance while running an e-commerce marketplace may ask for storage optimized instances.

Periodic traffic with fewer fluctuations might require a slim architecture with less need for edge locations. On the other hand, sites with fluctuating traffic might require access to more edge locations along with Autoscaling and more load balancing.

  • Static vs. Dynamic Content:

Hosting static content is less expensive for obvious reasons. On the other hand, dynamic content needs more resources which increases the cost. Our consultants put the S3 into use when a lot of static assets such as CSS, images, PDFs, Videos, logs etc are there.

  • Need for Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling:

Vertical scaling is simply opting for larger machines with higher processing power. Vertically scaled apps generally run like a giant monolithic app. This is not recommended in many cases. If you have many services running for your app, you should instead opt for horizontal scaling. Our architecture consultants will guide you to select the right one according to your needs.

  • Requirement of Microservices:

Microservices are nothing but individual services within your app that are segregated and made to run in isolation. Often, this is enabled by container as a service technology such as Docker. Microservices helps you to speed up your DevOps and reduce implementation time. Depending on the type of app and physical location(s) of your development team(s), our experts will sketch out an appropriate IaaS and PaaS configuration.


While there are many other factors, the services come out as the major ones all the time. After we receive a complete set of requirements for your app, we send you a tentative architecture, to begin with. Depending on how your business grows, we scale up your architecture striking a balance between performance and cost.


Why Hire UCRYA for Architecture Consulting?

  • Deployed more than 600 apps on cloud. Still involved in maintenance and support of many old projects
  • Explored and solved challenges for a vast spectrum of use cases
  • Experience across industry types
  • Have seen the evolution of cloud and explored many products
  • Cost effective consulting

If you are looking for some professional help to figure out an efficient cloud architecture for your app, website or business, then wait no further. Drop an inquiry at right now.


Get the best price to quality ratio on cloud deployment services with UCRYA

Cloud Deployment services provided by UCRYA majorly covers building your cloud architecture, hosting your data/business, and migration of existing database to the cloud.

With years of experience in deploying hundreds of apps on the cloud, we have solved a wide spectrum of business challenges. We are proficient with AWS and have also deployed apps on Google Cloud and Azure platforms.

As you approach UCRYA for cloud deployment services, our first job is to consider the price- performance tradeoff you have in mind. Once we get the scale from your side, our consultants start building the architecture for your app or website.

Architecture Consulting:

To begin with, our consultants suggest the number and type of instances and database that will be use. Architecture consulting also involves scaling up your business with respect to increasing users and traffic. This requires putting more cloud services to use for storage, computing, networking, analytic and many others. Read more on architecture consulting here (link to architecture consulting page).

Hosting Your data:

If you have your app ready but clueless about the backend and hosting part, you can rely on UCRYA to do that for you. Our experts will host your app on cloud after sketching out the right architecture for performance and cost efficiency. If you are hosting larger datasets, it might call for a continuous integration line as well. Full-scale DevOps and usage of container tech can also be implemented.

Data Migration to Cloud:

Data Migration is a tricky process that needs a lot of planning before it is executed. It is always advisable to create replicas of your VMs before you move into the cloud. At UCRYA, we use the newest and the most cost-effective ways to migrate your data from your existing infrastructure. We have already used technologies such as Snowball from AWS to perform large-scale migrations.  Migration to the cloud is an important decision that improves performance and controls costs.

Having hosted apps on cloud, our experience suggests that cloud can always bring the costs down. Also, the agility and scalability of cloud is something that every small-mid size business should experience for once.

If you are looking for some professional help to figure out an efficient cloud architecture for your app, website or business, then wait no further. Drop an inquiry at right now.


With project deployment experience in hundreds, UCRYA can provide you with a cost-effective cloud architecture

Your cloud architecture will employ a host of services from the cloud computing inventory. If you look at the number of services provided by AWS, Azure or Google, you may see that, the AWS alone offers more than 70 different services. Even the number of Azure services comes close to 70.

While you may not be using them all, a nominal cloud architecture can easily make use of 7-10 services. Each of these services come with a certain price tag that is either based on duration of usage, data usage or the magnitude of a specific service.

As we set up your architecture, cost and performance are the prime factor we keep in mind.

Our expert consultants with more than 8 years of experience can sketch out an efficient architecture for your app that will be highly cost efficient. After we run the required tests on your app, we throw in various services from the cloud for a glitch-free experience. While we select the services, we make sure that we spend as less as possible.


Factors that affect cost optimization with your cloud architecture?

  • Ascertain tentative number of users for startups and suggest an efficient and cost-effective architecture. Similar method is followed for businesses looking for data migration as well.
  • Ascertain the type of content your app/website is hosting. Static content means fewer resources while dynamic content means more resources and costs.
  • Type of instance used. Bigger instances give economy of scale while smaller instances are proportionately expensive
  • Ascertain requests per second handled by the architecture. A lot of requests mean putting load balancers and Autoscaling into use. This fluctuates the cost.
  • Number of Elastic IPs put into use. It fluctuates the budget as well.
  • Geographical reach-More geographical reach means opting for availability through various edge locations. This can increase or decrease the cost.
  • The server latency you are looking at. Lower latency means more powerful machines or more number of instances running parallelly.

There are a lot of other factors that affects the costs associated with your cloud architecture. While a lot of technical know-how and experience goes into building the right mix, it all depends on how well we understand your business needs. Our fundamental goal lay there itself. If your business has got five touch points, our job is to ascertain which one, or two, of those five, are more important. Our consultants will put more cloud resources on those and cut down on the remaining ones.


Why seek cost optimization consultancy from UCRYA?

  • Deployed more than 600 apps on cloud. Still involved in maintenance and support of many old projects in lowest costs possible
  • Solved challenges for a vast spectrum of use cases
  • Experience across industry types
  • Experience across many services in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Cost effective consulting

If you are looking for some professional help to figure out an efficient cloud architecture for your app, website or business, then wait no further. Drop an inquiry at right now.


Consult our cloud computing consultants for cost effective maintenance and support services

Technology businesses always receive a huge influx of data. If this data is hosted on a flexible cloud architecture which can be expanded or contracted on demand, some form of monitoring becomes unavoidable and essential at the backend. This is because your cloud architecture must perform efficiently while keeping the cost as low as possible.

If you are looking for a partner that provides maintenance and support for managed cloud, UCRYA is the right choice for you. Having deployed apps on cloud, our team has covered a wide spectrum of challenges and use-cases pertaining to cloud maintenance and support. We can take care of your cloud architecture and keep it running at its full efficiency.


Overall our Cloud maintenance and support is divided into three major services-

  • Set up monitoring:

CloudWatch is a monitoring service from AWS. Azure and GCE also provide their respective monitoring tools. Our first job is to set this up. The monitoring service from the provider track metrics, collect and monitor log files, set alarms, and automatically react to changes in the resources. CloudWatch can also monitor other resources such as Databases, Cache, and storage services too.

  • Set up performance parameters:

Once the app has run for a few weeks, we can ascertain the key performance parameters. This gives the intensity of usage for various services such as instances, Databases, Autoscaling, threshold etc. According to the budget, we can then identify the parameters that needs attention and allocate limits and custom alerts for them as well. On receiving an alert of that nature, our experts can put additional resource and let your app run smoothly within a controlled budget.

  • Daily Monitoring:

Daily monitoring is essential for your business deployed on cloud. When you have a lot of services put into your architecture, it requires a human eye to regularly monitor the activity. Our experts here at UCRYA will do that for you. Daily monitoring is effective to keep the usage stable and cost effective as well.

If you are looking for some professional help to figure out an efficient cloud architecture for your app, website or business, then wait no further. Drop an inquiry at right now.


Our consultants have extensive experience with AWS and EC2. Consult UCRYA for your AWS architecture

Being one of the favorite destinations for mobile app and e-commerce startups, UCRYA becomes a natural choice to hire for Amazon Web Services. We have hosted hundreds of projects on Amazon EC2 till date. While there are near to 70 different services that AWS provide, we have championed the major ones in the development timeline.

AWS is highly effective in delivering performance while being cost effective at the same time. If you really have an experienced team by your side, you can get a lot done while paying a lot less.


How does AWS work?

AWS is a collection of numerous services provided by Amazon on their cloud servers called EC2. Once the data of your app or website is hosted on EC2, it may use many services provided by AWS to give a satisfying user experience.

How many of those services will be use and in what magnitude, that depends on your budget and the requirement of your app or website.

Consider an app startup that expects over 1000 users with moderate traffic for the first few months. To configure something more than 1000 users, our consultants will suggest you a couple of web instances and database instances. One database instance being active while the other on standby. Inactive database or instance contribute to a lighter bill as they are only used during high traffic. Our consultants may also throw in a Route 53 which is nothing but a DNS service that is connected to a load balancer which distributes the traffic between instances.

As startups generally brace for high traffic and users in future, the architecture changes eventually. Now instead of 1000 users let’s look at something with more than 10k users. For more than 10000 users, there can be 8 instances instead of 2 and 6 RDS instead of 2 database instances. For sites with fluctuating traffic such as e-commerce etc., autoscaling also comes into play as well. Auto Scaling can automatically switch on additional instances during high traffic and can also switch them off after the traffic comes back to normal.

While this gives you a scale, the configuration and architecture vary with app functionalities and various other factors. If you are looking at a million users, services such as S3, CDN, ElastiCache, Amazon SQS etc. will also have to be included.


Why use Amazon Web Services for your business?

  • AWS is the most cost-effective cloud platform to host websites and app data
  • Pay-as-you-go model.
  • Free trial instances for small scale data
  • Runs anything– supports many operating systems as PaaS
  • Auto Scaling to handle unexpected peaks in traffic
  • Different types of instances that fits all type of business needs
  • Can automate DevOps and continuous integration on AWS
  • Easy troubleshooting

UCRYA has deployed projects on EC2 of AWS till date. Hence, we have extensive experience across industries and use cases. You can easily rely on our AWS experts for an effective consultation to reduce costs while providing a great user experience at the same time.

If you are looking for some professional help to figure out an efficient cloud architecture for your app, website or business, then wait no further. Drop an inquiry at right now.


A talented team of cloud computing experts for Azure Cloud from UCRYA

Azure is the cloud computing platform from Microsoft. Like AWS, Azure provides services to host your content on their cloud servers. UCRYA has worked parallelly on Azure for many projects, leading to substantial accumulation of working knowledge on the platform.

Azure services and configuration comes with a competitive price tag when compared to AWS or Google cloud. Azure cloud platform can run many PaaS applications and provide services for computation, storage services, data management, messaging, CDN etc. In other words, Azure has got everything to stand as an efficient cloud platform for your business.


How does Azure Work?

Azure, like any other cloud computing platform, consists of an array of services that run parallelly handling a host of tasks for your app or site. Depending on the requirements of your app/site and your budget, our experts will sketch out an architecture.

The Azure framework is divided into 12 different categories ranging from computing, networking, IoT, Storage, Developer tools, Analytics and much more.

Depending on the expected traffic load, VMs or Virtual Machines are allocated to your project. If you are expecting fluctuating traffic or peaks, then VM scale sets are selected for the project. These are analogous to Auto Scaling in AWS. A basic configuration meant for less than 1000 concurrent users may also include an Azure DNS and an SQL database as a service.

Scaling for a higher number of users will require additional computing power. In that case, Load Balancers, CDN, Traffic manager, higher Database-as-a-service and advanced enterprise integration may be employed. This can be done when user number remains around 10k.

As user number goes up, the number of VMs and additional services will also increase.


Why use Azure for your business?

  • Cost effective pricing model
  • Pay-as-you-go model.
  • Free trial instances and large number of availability zones
  • Runs third party software apart from Microsoft
  • Effective Auto Scaling
  • Multi-scale VMs for large set of business needs
  • Great for DevOps and continuous integration for your firm.
  • Easy Dashboard and troubleshooting

UCRYA has deployed apps on azure till date. We have considerable experience across industries and use cases while working on Azure. You can easily rely on our Azure experts for an effective consultation to reduce costs while providing a great user experience at the same time.

If you are looking for some professional help to figure out an efficient cloud architecture for your app, website or business, then wait no further. Drop an inquiry at right now.


Get onboard experienced Google Cloud consultants for your project from UCRYA!

Google Cloud Engine or GCE is the cloud computing platform from Google that allows business to run their application(s) upon a pay-as-you-go model. The Google Cloud inventory is a broad cloud computing platform with a large spectrum of services ranging from Virtual Machines, Big Data analytics, Machine Learning, Storage, networking and everything else.

While AWS with its large number of users remains the favorite amongst most of developers, GCE is preferred for its rich networking attributes. Also, GCE appears to be a preferred platform for companies that want to run intensive and complex data for various purposes.

Irrespective of the type or size of your business data, you can rely on GCE for a great performance while being cost effective at the same time.


How does Google Cloud Engine Work?

GCE provides Virtual Machines for businesses to host their data. These Virtual Machines house the instances that serve data to the users in real-time. Our architecture consultants would pick a specific number of instances for your app. This is done keeping performance and costs in mind.

There are many availability zones for GCE where you can pick a VM and get going. Depending on the traffic, your app is expecting, number of instances put into use may vary. For a basic app startup, we do not go beyond a couple of instances and SQL databases. However, if you expect many users that is more than ten thousand, we may throw in additional instances, load balancers, CDNs etc.

If you run websites or app that receives traffic spikes in holidays or some time of the day, then a lot of other services can be put into use in your architecture. GCE has a lot of products and services for Big Data and Machine Learning that is great for technology companies wanting to make a mark in this direction.


Why use Google Cloud for your business?

  • Cost effective pricing model
  • Pay-as-you-go model.
  • Large number of availability zones
  • Runs Docker containers with flawless networking
  • Effective Auto Scaling
  • Multi-scale VMs for all types of business needs
  • Great for DevOps and continuous integration for your firm.
  • User-friendly Dashboard and troubleshooting

UCRYA has deployed many apps and websites on Google Cloud till date. Our consultants have got experience into all type of possible use-case scenario and app types. This makes us a preferred destination to offer managed cloud services for Google Cloud engine.

If you are looking for some professional help to figure out an efficient cloud architecture for your app, website or business, then wait no further. Drop an inquiry at right now.