Highest quality, information security and “no room for error” rule have always been major characteristics of life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries. Use of automation software spurs technology breakthrough and facilitates the work of scientists, healthcare practitioners and drug discovery professionals, however, it adds on to already existing risks.

Moreover, if a software vendor wants to stay ahead of the competition, it should be able to customize its product to the highest possible extent. End-users expect to obtain a solution that would speak up 100 % to their needs. Fail to do this – and your customer will choose another provider.

Having profound experience in pharmaceutical business process outsourcing, UCRYA understands their needs and challenges and is ready to suggest the most optimal solution.

Solutions We Offer:

  • Product outsourcing and customization
  • Integration with 3rd party applications
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Deployment
  • Migration and upgrade

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  • Speed up product time-to-market;
  • Optimize support & maintenance costs;
  • Extend time zones coverage;
  • Gain more customers because of higher flexibility in terms of product customization;
  • Stay ahead of your competitors

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Product Outsourcing & Customization No matter what type of organizations you normally serve – research institutions, hospitals, pharmacies or long-term care providers – you will never find two identical companies. “One-size-fits-all” approach can be destructive, which means you have to tailor what you have to customers’ needs as much as possible. Researchers say life sciences and healthcare institutions rarely use one software product to manage their operations. Flexibility is something that can make you second to none!

Thanks to UCRYA’s unique combination of scientific background, fluency in English and programming skills, it is easy to interact and to work with us. We focus our efforts on your challenges and fill in the gap between what you have and what you need as a result. UCRYA has expertise in designing, building, testing and maintaining complex systems for the medical, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

Provocations you face:

  • Absence of automation tools that fit your requirements fully;
  • Need to concentrate on core development;
  • Delivery time reduction;
  • High customers’ turnover

We offer:

  • Analysis of an existing application, its business logic and code;
  • Creation of a roadmap for customizing the application;
  • Custom versions and add-ons development and testing.

Subject-matter experts with excellent background in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental care & Pharmaceutics will help you get the most appropriate solution within the best time frames.


Integration With 3rd Party Applications Scientific, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are so complex that it is impossible to cover all their operations with one solution. Still, software interoperability and easy data exchange between different applications are essential. It is important to be ahead of your competitors – but it is impossible without being able to augment the capabilities of your partner.

UCRYA’s team can serve as a bridge between several solution providers to ensure their products will be integrated easily, smoothly and at a minimum cost. Excellent knowledge of the domain, years of experience in software development and testing, as well as compliance standards help us get an understanding of even the most complex solutions rapidly and come up with the most innovative ideas.

Provocations You Face:

  • Need to integrate 2 or more applications;
  • Lack of interoperability between several solutions;
  • Lack of resources internally.


  • Software tools analysis;
  • Creation of a roadmap for integration;
  • Implementation of the solution;
  • Software integration testing


There are thousands of people strongly opposed to outsourcing customer service overseas. No wonder! Most of them encountered untimely support responses, inability to get real help instead of stereotyped answers or talking to a person with (possibly) good technical skills, but with awful English.

It is just the other way around with UCRYA!

Working with our top-notch support specialists, you will never get a hackneyed response typical for low-cost tech support outsourcing engagements. You will never get a person who has no notion of your industry and niche at all. You will never get professional speaking broken English.

If you care about “good value for money” solution, you have come to the right place! Compliance with standards, great experience gained throughout working with leaders in your industry and creative approach towards any problem help them learn and understand any type of software within several days, and afterwards deliver state-of-the-art support to your clients.

You will engage with:

Time and material

  • Suitable for ongoing support of the existing application/system and minor features development;
  • End-of-the-month payments based on the work done.

Pre-paid support

  • Good choice for ongoing support of existing systems and minor features development;
  • Payment in advance for a bunch of hours at a reduced hourly rate.

24/7 assistance

  • A dedicated team of technical support specialists;
  • Occurring problems are solved on an ongoing basis;
  • Monthly flat rate payment.

Special dedicated support

  • Dedicated assistant working exclusively on your requests and integrated into your team
  • End-of-the-month salary payments.



The major problems with complex enterprise systems are that: 1) they are complicated; 2) they are multi-tier. It is not easy for “mere mortals” to install the application correctly and to configure it according to their needs. And, even when it comes to tech-savvy scientists, they have no time to perform software deployment. Their task is discovery, not installation!

On the other hand, software providers do not always have enough resources to perform the task. Developers are to implement core functionality and focus on more strategic issues, rather than conduct installation and configuration. Moreover, it is not always easy to automate the process (bear in mind the costs of errors!).

At UCRYA, you will find a team that will help you deliver win-win solution! Strong background in scientific research our specialists carried out before joining IT industry and excellent experience gained throughout working with complex multi-tier solutions makes them experts in life sciences software deployment and configuration. Their expertise covers solutions on different databases, from Oracle to SQL Server.

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  • Remote and/ or on-site software deployment;
  • Software configuration;
  • Initial user training.

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Fixing production mistakes is more difficult than doing the job correctly from the very beginning. When choosing between making major updates to a marketing text, while keeping the main idea, and re-writing the pitch from scratch, your marketing person is more likely to choose the latter option.

It is just the same way with software updates. It is much easier to install a brand-new product than to migrate or to upgrade one.  Still, regular migrations are essential if you do not want to use an obsolete system. It may be not so obvious for people not standing behind the technical processes, but switching to another database or even upgrading your operational system require making changes to the software, too. If a great deal of customization has been done already, it must be migrated as well – you cannot compromise all the things that make your operations safe and sound!

And it is not the only reason. Imagine that you already use a software product to automate your work. In case you are not satisfied, you would probably like to switch to another provider, who would be more flexible regarding your requirements. But how can you be sure that all the findings you have put your time and efforts into will be moved correctly to another program? Sometimes maintaining a status-quo is, unfortunately, the easiest option.

But you do not have to put up with it any longer! Whenever you are a scientist or a software provider caring about potential client’s secure data migration, you will be happy to learn that there is an easier way to break away from an inappropriate engagement! Our team at UCRYA will ensure that the features you have got used to and the data you have toiled over will be maintained after switching to another software.

Migration Solutions:

  • Software updates/ upgrades deployment;
  • Software migration from one kind of database to another one (e.g., from Oracle to SQL Server);
  • Legacy software migration;
  • Cross-vendors migration;
  • Software migration testing.

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