The IoT is everywhere and it’s connecting everything! From individual devices to smart city infrastructures; could IoT revolutionize your business as you know it?

Although not new, the Internet of Things, or the Internet of Everything (IoE) as it’s more recently been called, has been gaining momentum over the last 5 years.

Put simply, the IoT is about connecting devices over the internet (or other frequencies such as Wi-Fi) and letting them “talk” to applications, each other and to us. It’s a similar concept to software and hardware integration.

It’s enabling individuals and even cities to become smarter and more efficient – and potentially it could do the same for your business.



With the International Data Corporation (IDC) estimating that, by 2020, devices connected to the Internet will generate nearly $9 trillion in annual sales, it’s clear that IoT presents businesses with huge potential.

But the way in which connected devices are used by companies will vary massively depending on industry.


According to a 2015 study by Tata Consultancy Services, the industries that spent the most on IoT device development in 2015 were:

  • travel and hospitality
  • industrial manufacturing
  • banking and financial services
  • telecoms

But what are the business benefits that companies are hoping to reap through IoT technology? According to a 2014 Forrester study, they are:

  • 49% – better customer experience
  • 46% – supply chain optimization
  • 45% – supply chain visibility
  • 45% – loss prevention
  • 44% – cost efficiencies

If you’re still wondering whether the IoT has breakthrough potential in your industry, Deloitte suggests that the power of IoT lies in uncovering the additional, and potentially disruptive, value that is enabled by having real-time, context-aware data feeds from multiple sources over time.



If you know what you need from IoT – and even if you don’t – we can help you. As well as knowing the ins and outs of technology and the best ways to use it to help power your business, we pride ourselves on our ability to converse in plain language, our creativity and the ideas we bring to the table even if you think you’ve already got the ideal solution.

We can create mobile, tablet, web or desktop-based software applications with either a cloud based or local database that “talk” via either short-range frequencies such as NFC, Wi-fi, Bluetooth or infrared, or long-range frequencies like the internet and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Because you’ll have a lot of data from your IoT device, it’s important that the front-end is completely user-friendly. We’ll create a front-end that includes elements such as:

a completely customizable user interface (UI) dashboard that makes it easy for you and other users to visualize and understand your data quick and simple reporting that can be emailed or printed the ability to securely store large amounts of data indefinitely.



As awareness of the Internet of Things spreads, so too does the ability of businesses to understand what this could mean for them in terms of business development. Here are just a few examples of IoT:

  • Rolls Royce aircraft engines now contain sensors that supply information about how the engine is functioning, enabling malfunctions to be detected before they become catastrophic.
  • In the world of healthcare, companies like Sonamba are embracing IoT via wearable devices to measure the vitals of ill people and watch for dangerous anomalies.

Here at UCRYA, we’re also seeing customers warming to the possibilities of IoT. We’ve worked with Intelligent Health – a provider of health and wellness programs – to produce an IoT device that enables 40,000 participants to take part in a tracked outside exercise game that lets users check distances walked, points accrued and where they stand in the overall competition. Look at the full case study for more information.



Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer, often used for hobby programming and education. However, thanks to its credit card size format, the Raspberry Pi is also becoming incredibly useful in commercial IoT applications.

Rather than using embedded code, which is complex and expensive, we can deploy regular code directly onto this small unit – and connect it to other devices via a Wi-Fi network or wired connection. One of our most recent applications involves using a Pi board inside a cash machine, where it can communicate directly with the ATM as well as a central database in the cloud.

Key benefits of choosing Raspberry Pi:

  • Small and inexpensive devices
  • Low power consumption (5-7 watts)
  • No hard drive; no moving parts
  • Expandable into clusters of devices

Pi devices are constantly getting faster and more feature-rich, which makes them suitable for a growing range of IoT applications. Speak to us to find out more!


We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, so our technology of choice is ASP.Net MVC5 with HTML5 and C# programming, WPF for desktop/tablet components and RESTful WebApi web services to link systems together.

For the database, we utilize Microsoft SQL Server, including extensive use of the core Database Engine, Integration, Analysis and Reporting services. We can also work with MySQL systems (open source) or Oracle, if preferred.

For more information on all the things that we offer as part of our service – including hosting and ongoing maintenance and support – look at our Working with us page.

If we can create an IoT device to turn your information into action, give our team a call on 407-362-7691.

An estimated 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Opportunities here with IoT are limitless. UCRYA describes a world of things where users are connected and communicated in a secure and intelligent fashion.

UCRYA’s IoT systems help to accelerate your technological transition to an intelligent, IoT-based infrastructure by deploying the UCRYA IoT System. Our broad portfolio of IoT infrastructure technologies help you Ideate IoT processes, connect and manage smart devices. These are small changes, but can have a huge impact on your business.


Our expertise across domains and technologies enables us to create a seamless IoT portfolio that connects people, process and technology.


We are helping numerous clients in domains to deploy smart IoT products and practices.


We have extensive experience in working with ibeacons, sensors and OBD devices that help clients redefine how they engage with and monitor their customers.


Our services center around deploying robust IoT environments. We help organizations analyze, plan, prototype and deploy IoT models and revenue streams.





Engaging Customer Experience

UCRYA’s IoT Suite empowers you to transform raw data into actionable insights. Know your customer behavior and anticipate market trend better, build on customer loyalty.

Creating Business Innovation

New ideas are born when you work with new partners, new technologies, new assets, and new data streams. By increasing agility, innovation, productivity and efficiency IoT can move your enterprise forward.

Streamline Business with Optimized Processes

Transparency is key in building smarter business processes. Keep track of all your employees across multiple departments and locations. Analyze business functions and results regardless of business location

Partner with UCRYA

We at UCRYA, ensure that IoT works in the business context of our clients. UCRYA delivers technologies to enable your IoT solutions— cloud, networks and gateways, heterogeneous device support, systems capabilities, and data analytics. We provide industry-specific solutions that improve productivity and operational efficiency, with exceptional reliability and security.




IoT Data Management

UCRYA can help develop and deploy cloud based IoT data management solutions. We engage closely with enterprises to develop scalable architecture that can enable visualization, analytics and modelling of data from IoT devices.

IoT Application Development

From people to process, organizations have numerous tools that keep their business ticking. UCRYA works closely with organizations to understand and deploy custom build applications to connect your tools together to increase efficiency and productivity.

IoT Consulting Services

UCRYA brings together the industry expertise, technology knowledge and design insights to develop a scalable and robust IoT roadmap. We can help you implement the right mix of technologies to deploy IoT application that ensures better efficiency, portability and more.