Big Data Engineer




Location: Onsite – USA

Type: Full Time

Solid Java programmer who has production-level hands-on experience on Hadoop MapReduce and HBase or Cassandra database.

Examples of previous project experience we are looking for:

  • Ingested large amount of raw data (web logs, web pages, data feeds)
  • Run Hadoop map reduce jobs to parse them and process them. (simple reporting, machine learning)
  • Loaded the outcome to NoSQL database (HBase / Cassandra) and served them to other applications (live website traffic, other internal tools)

Technologies that are a must:

  • Strong experience with Java programming language
  • Batch processing — Hadoop MapReduce
  • Stream processing — Apache Storm
  • NoSQL — HBase, Cassandra
  • Restful web services — Spring boot, Jackson
  • Code/Build/Deployment — Git, Maven, Jenkins

Technologies that would get our attention:

  • Programming languages: Python, Scala, Shell scripting
  • Batch Processing: Cascading/Scalding, Apache Spark 
  • Stream processing — AKKA, Samza, Spark streaming
  • NoSQL — MongoDB, Riak
  • Restful web services — DropWizard, Jersey, GSON
  • Code/Build/Deployment — hg, svn, sbt, bamboo