Corporate Plan

Strategic Plan

Corporate Plan

The strategic plan provides the framework for implementing all other parts of the GPRA and sets a course of action over the long term. It centers on those programs and activities that are key to carrying out company’s mission, and covers the major functions and operations of the company. A strategic plan is also used to align the agency and budget structure with the mission and goals of the organization. Preparation of a strategic plan also provides an opportunity to review projects against the goals and to consider activities that can be terminated, reduced in scope, or transferred elsewhere.

Annual Performance Plan

The strategic plan’s goals and objectives set the framework for developing the annual performance plan. The annual performance plan presents a comprehensive picture of performance across the agency. It also sets out measurable goals that define what will be accomplished during a fiscal year. By identifying how much a company will spend to achieve its performance goals, the annual performance plan forms the integral link between budget and program results. The annual performance plan also directly links to the company’s budget. As defined by GPRA, an annual performance plan features three elements:

  • The performance goals and indicators for the fiscal year;
  • A description of the operational processes, skills, and technology, and the human, capital, information, or other resources that will be needed to meet the performance goals; and
  • A description of the means that will be used to verify and validate measured values.