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UCRYA embrace excellence, integrity & credibility accountability and communal respect.

We govern ourselves by these ethical principles and use them to develop strategies that are consistent with our identity and business goals. At our core, we believe in delivering quality assurance and best results.












UCRYA provides solutions to help healthcare organizations cope with growing patient demands, significant



UCRYA offers a platform of fully managed infrastructure, colocation and network services in physical and virtualized



UCRYA provides improve your customer’s omni-channel eCommerce experiences securely, reliably, and responsively.



UCRYA offers Digital media and entertainment providers rely on UCrya to provide solutions that allow them

5,500 customers in 100 countries

 use uCrya solutions.

What our client's Says

  • We are very happy with the team at UCRYA that develops our application. They are fast, efficient, have good coding standards and the dedicated team is excellent. They are better at telling us what would not work if we request something stupid and instead provides proposals for good solutions. Without the UCRYA team an application would not be as good as they are.

  • What I like most about UCRYA is the way they value their people and look after their wellbeing. This means individuals are highly motivated, there is almost no staff turnover, and we have very open constructive communication with UCRYA at all levels. Throughout the development projects completed so far with UCRYA, we have learned lessons and we have found UCRYA to be flexible and effective in keeping projects moving forward and delivering results.

  • As a software developer, we’ve been working with several overseas partners since 2004, but never before have we seen such an exceptional service as UCRYA delivers to its customers. Whether it’s developing new features, providing testing and analysis or support, consulting– the UCRYA team is distinguished by its outstanding expertise, amazing flexibility, and impeccable consistency. The features are countless; the time of response is unrealistically short. All in all, we couldn’t be more satisfied with our partner in software developing, and it turns out, the distinction is in every detail…

“In my history of working with High Tech Software solutions, I can honestly say that there is not one company that I’ve ever worked with that has better service than UCRYA.”

“I wanted to follow up on feedback from my team on the excellent work that you and your team did at the Mobile. Your team’s professionalism and willingness to do whatever it takes with minimal interruption was recognized by everyone. My hats off to you for an outstanding job. You and your company are great partners and I enjoy working with you.”

“I’m never really worried that the BPM isn’t going to get there on time. I can call over there and talk to anyone and get my questions answered in an instant. Ease of getting a hold of people. All communication with them is easy. They do handle everything. “

“UCRYA is not a Solutions. They are not a supplier. They are a partner with expertise in making Solutions and Services effective.”

“UCRYA is always responsive to any question I have, they keep me informed and they understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. I firmly believe that. And, any time that I contact them, they let me know they’ve received it and they let me know what the next step is.”

“Quality is always there. Top of the game in terms of that UCRYA.”

“UCRYA is above and beyond their competitors and I have talked and met with the others. Some of them wouldn’t even follow up very well when I was just talking to them about them possibly providing solutions.”

“I have had experiences with other businesses. When I give UCRYA a ten, I would give those others a two.”